Friday, September 16, 2005

Wanna listen to my Fav songs? Here is my very own Radio Station that plays cool songs of my choice! Blossomsmile ilaxi's Radio station

When Message boards bubble up heated with the talks of Search Engines esp. Yahoo vs Google, it's the unique features that are offered which matters the most.Google is indeed shooting up the charts on web with the most power search, Yahoo lags behind and it's a feel that its almost limping to catch up the search engine war to win. Google is the ultimate yet Yahoo has one power music feature that I like most and that is 'Launch music' - Your very own Radio Station on Yahoo Messenger that makes you feel on top of the world as you surf and listen to your fav numbers. Your ratings to the songs and albums makes your Radio station play more of the matched music numbers for you. And viola, some features do demand to ask for paid features, nevertheless, on the go, if you set up your very own Music Radio station, you have a choice of listening your songs while you're busy with work. At liesure, you feel and you can even see the video of a song you like. Now isn't this great tool? No need to distract from work visiting music download places or listening to saved songs on your compu. Even people on your messenger can see what you are listening!

Now that Google Talk is launched, hope google is all set up to provide this kind of facility too.


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