Monday, June 09, 2008

Have you Joined the 'Covert Group'? Well, if not, here's the link if you've missed on the main website of MJ Blog. All you do is, click and enter Facebook and there, you're in.

Facebook's now web surfer's darling. I am sure you've been reading a lot on Facebook lately. And I always thought, why people do hang in wasting a lot of time around, giving flowers and sending applications and giving fishes and what not! Now I admit, for webmasters and Business houses, this means no social networking but busy biz-social engaging! People influences people and nothing influences more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. Webmasters and writers hanging around social networks is promoting nevertheless a lot of time indulged in activities which demand time, money, energy!

I have mentioned on Social Ads earlier. However, here's towards it - Creating Facebook Pages for your own Business and getting the presence with customers and friends on Facebook. With a Covert Group, I just wondered, 'How do I add my business presence and other areas of activity on Facebook?'

Now, I find the solutions. This comes too inviting to Create Facebook pages to get deeply involved to our Business and brands. Making my Business Page of Swagat Group, I have better way to interact with my customers and friends who can even become my Company Fans - write on wall, upload pics, join to discussions (all like the Covert Group). these fans interact with the Facebook Page, the actions they take are automatically generated into social stories. These stories are published to News Feed, which friends may see the next time they log into Facebook. A word of mouth publicity and traffic pouring in. All this comes for 'Free.'

Furthermore, the Business Page can be promoted through the Facebook Social Ads (No Free here!) Create an ad creative and attach it to stories in News Feed or in the left-hand Ad Space. This will increase the number of friends. Just write a creative, tell Facebook who you want seeing your ad, and decide where you want to drive traffic. You can buy ads by number of clicks (CPC) or by number of impressions (CPM). Track the performance to optimize too.

Join 'Covert Group' - post related links, comment/discuss/debate and even Join my Business Page (Be my Fan too;-) & Enjoy!

- ilaxi