Monday, September 12, 2005

I happened to be a tech buff and a whizz as I wrote, designed, managed, maintained, hosted and marked my own websites. As I write Technical column for my print and online readers, I brush my web skills day by day. My articles like Create a Website, Promote Website, Ezines, Endangered Kids, Is Computers safe for kids, etc. has been widely accepted and read by readers. I got a wider experience on Tech as I promoted and marketed my own websites online. I got into web submission of articles, web forum posts and into associating and affiliating my sites. This made me think to start 'Tech Briefs' so as to dig into Tech scoops and provide information 'What's happenning-where and who's outsourcing why or you can say 'Tech Briefs' - Briefings on Tech on Internet.

Here's the beginning posts I earlier done on this Blog and hopefully, will be updating this blog on and often, now onwards. So, check in any time - Like the song 'Hotel California' says 'We are programmed to receive, You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave....Because I know, if you like to read on Tech, you will like to stay back!

Earlier Posts:
Yahoo's recent Facelift can mean more Traffic to your Website. With the recent Yahoo Beta Search, surfers can now Save the Search, Share by Forwarding to a Friend & Even Omit unwanted sites from search. The Beta search website save feature also provide simple atom.xml file for feed reads. But the major Facelift is with Yahoo's feature 'My Yahoo' 'World info on Desktop' that provide RSS feeds and explains RSS & atom files creations. Currently, the RSS module boasts of 150,000 plus feed sources and growing.RSS.XML feed sites can be added to 'My Yahoo' for easy reads.It's a wake up call for site owners to be in limelight to get more traffic from yahoo by creating simple RSS.XML syndication (click left bar feeds to add to 'My Yahoo'). So now, surfers of, don't worry;-) You can set up your 'My Yahoo' and click RSS.XML FEEDS button on left to add and viola, you get the latest M.J.Akbar's Blog Feeds for reads on your Desktop. And if you've time limits to surf, instead of visiting this site, you can then make 'My Yahoo' your Homepage and log to read the latest posts of this site there;-)

Growing Importance of Blog is confirmed in a Survey conducted by: Pew Internet and American Life
By the end of 2004 blogs had established themselves as a key part of online culture.
Two survey Project in November established new contours for the blogosphere:

8 million American adults say they have created blogs;
blog readership jumped 58% in 2004 and now stands at 27% of internet users;
5% of internet users say they use RSS aggregators or XML readers to get the news and other information delivered from blogs and content-rich Web sites as it is posted online; and 12% of internet users have posted comments or other material on blogs.
Still, 62% of internet users do not know what a blog is!

Google Launches 'Google Scholar' the search for keywords in thesis, books, technical reports, university websites and even traditional academic publications.The search spawns from medicine to physics to economics and computer science. Open access movement is significantly enhanced. Another interesting search is its 'Froogle' - finding products, any books online. Any Author can get an Author Print account at Google (Paid ads) provided the author has US copyright of his books. Or else sell books via Amazon and the keyword search in google reflects the search. eg. put 'm.j. akbar' in Froogle search and you get results. Also, The Google Suggest Tool Launched, in Beta. Their ideas is leading to great leaps in search usability. Try it yourself

There's lots to celebrate at as it marks the 10th anniversary of its Web-site debut on July 16, 2005. Princeton-educated Jeff Bezos piled his belongings into his dad's '88 Chevy Blazer, drove from Fort Worth, Texas, to Seattle with his wife, MacKenzie, and started Amazon in his rented Bellevue home. The decade has flown by at Internet speed since that Fourth of July weekend in 1994 and Bezoz saw his new company raise $54 million in its 1997 initial public offering and defy skeptics who predicted the company would become Amazon.toast. Bezos currently holds $3.6 billion worth of Amazon stock.

News around is Yahoo is gonna come Live with Yahoo! 360°, you'll have one place to keep the important people in your life connected to you. And one place for you to stay connected to them. The feature makes you easily invite your friends and family, very easy to plug all of your people in. With just a few clicks you can invite any -- or everyone from your Yahoo! Messenger friends list, your Yahoo! Address Book or (after beta) from Microsoft Outlook to connect to you.

Called Yahoo 360°, the new service will include a wide range of offerings including blogs and photo sharing. The most interesting aspect of the offering looks to be the way in which all the elements are tightly integrated into a broad social network service where you will be able to easily share and exchange information, chats, files, etc, with family and friends.

Isn't this gonna be great for the chatty Lovers? Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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