Friday, September 28, 2007

This is my First Google Doc! Post. You can Try this too!

As I explore, here's to raise a toast to the newly re-design - Visit again for updates on n often....Enjoy!

Keep the Faith!

- ilaxi patel

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Microsoft is back in news. Microsoft hopes to charm small businesses with a new bundle of software and services called Office Live, available for public beta testing started recently. They will be offering free, basic Web site for your company- courtesy of Microsoft and some third-party ads that will run on the page. Office Live will also offer monthly subscriptions to a bundle of 20 Web-based "applications," many of which are templates for organizing and sharing information online.

Yahoo has offered free Web pages to small-business owners since spring 2005. However, Microsoft's page templates have more eye-appeal as I browse through the site.

Sign up for Office Live and get your own Web Site Design for Free. You can even sign in here and see the demo too.You will find more feedback on Office Live Blog. Though, they have a Free version, the sign up do require to enter your Credit card no. which I guess is a 'No No' - the other options are all paid. Also Find a Faq file here with Getting Started

However, for the tips n tricks on Designing, Microsoft offers Free copy of Entrepreneur Magazine's I Hate My Website! 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website, Plus 9 Things Never to do. And get a free subscription to the Office Live Advisor newsletter too. All you need to do is fill up your details here and Download.

I understand the Beta Office Live is offered only in selective countries and India is not yet on the list!

- ilaxi