Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Top Blogs 2009

Since quite years, I am quite familiar with many Top Blogs and been randomly visiting some of them while space made way inbetween my workload. Blogs related to Tech are on my top list, followed by Politics and related to my Blog posts.

Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish is a lovely meal and as Time says, can be appointed as 'Country's Blogger in Chief.' The Daily Dish sub head says, 'No Party, no clique'. Andrew's post on 'Why Blog' pose as an Inspiration to many a souls like me and nevertheless, I agree to what he says. "We blog as news reaches us, as facts emerge." For Bloggers, deadline is always now - spontaneous and just not like the Reporters or the Novelist who can pick time and wait for final selection. Blogging is more a free form, you even end up writing personal or share, speak loud your ideas and opinions - no barriers but dedicated daily journal posts and comitted to self. Read the post and maybe you are inspired to Blog if you're not doing so. A blogger has no limits - you Blog or enjoy real life - no hassles.

The Huffington Post , Mashable , Official Google Blog, TechCrunch, Daily Kos: State of the Nation, Gawker are my random visited Blogs but I am surprize I cannot find ProBlogger and I would add this to Best Blog on the web too! Do let me know what you read and like in the comments and maybe, I can find more resources to list here.

Here are 25 Best Blogs 2009 as per the Time Magazine:

Talking Points Memo
The Huffington Post
The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan
Zen Habits
The Conscience of a Liberal: Paul Krugman
Crooks and Liars
GeneraciĆ³n Y
Official Google Blog
Seth Godin's Blog
Deadspin: Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
Said the Gramophone
Detention Slip
Bad Astronomy

You can find the 2008 Web Log Awards here. The Best Asian Blogs list Indiauncut and there's more over here.

Follow the winners and find your interests, learning curve and above all, keep informed. Btw, here's my Ed Blog and other blogs. Maybe, you'd like to follow them. Enjoy.
- ilaxi