Monday, September 19, 2005

Before three days or so, Google launched its most enhanced Blogging Search. This Blog Search indexes blogs by their site feeds, which will be checked frequently for new content. This means that Blog Search results for a given blog will update with new content much faster than standard web searches. Also, because of the structured data within site feeds, it is possible to find precise posts and date ranges with much greater accuracy. As such, Blogging has become the recent craze with individuals, corporates, newspapers, students and all who wish to write their own blogs - journals on any topic. Newspapers in print media are currently facing the threat of Online Journalism with the Blogging world. More and more blog posts reveal potential journalists leaving behind print media journalists who stand back with newer technology.

Even Net Newspapers for Kids have flourished with the use of Technology and more Editors, Journalists, Syndicated News columnists and Kids related websites are coming up with Kids newspapers Online. News sources are available in ample with sites like :

Pluck (RSS),
Newspaper archive, etc.

The most common example is google search with the keywords 'net newspaper for kids' and viola, the results roll down with information.

I guess in time to come, these new search of Blogs and online journalism may step down many website owners who may lag behind with their daily updates and no need to web consult for web design! Coz, anybody can go for their own Blogs and even promote it. Any ideas?


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