Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Major Google Page Ranks are updated with smiles and frowns! The Page Rank has created a stir in Search Marketing Industry as I write this blog to find Kidsfreesouls rated # 5 PR, mjakbar.org rated # 5 PR and Swagatgroup.net rated # 4 PR. (All 3 sites that I manage)

Many webmasters, who have had their sites penalized to a PR 0 in previous updates, are reporting small gains of 1-2 points with this latest update. If you've recently launched a new website it also might be a good idea to see how you fared but if you have a running site since long, it's important to remember that while this value can give a good indication of your sites progress, the values from toolbar PageRank can be around a month or so old.

Here's the Google Page Rank Explained.

So, all webmasters and SEOs, here's the cool tips of all the Twitters like me on the Google PR strategy. If you want to see your Google PR, Search Here for links to Google Page Rank Scanners.

Btw, Google Page Rank is manipulated by competitors? It's not a matter of quantity but a matter of quality links that reflects. Google Updates their backlink results and Page Rank results every 3-6 weeks. Usually on a weekend or a holiday and lasts for 3-4 days. Different results are seen across the datacenters. You can have a search result across google datacenters [/google] here on: http://www.void.be/googletool.html - place the keywords 'kidsfreesouls' or whatever and get the results. Enjoy!

- ilaxi