Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Suspend Twitter - Mosey along to Friendfeed.com

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Are you a fan of 140 character Twitter and addicted posting from any place, any where, any time? Beware!!! You are soon going to be insane or maybe your account will be 'Mosey along - nothing to see here' - Just Suspended for no reason of yours!

Recently, the news around at Mashable has more than 250+ Comment posts of Twitter users whose account is Suspended. It seems 4chan maybe behind this attack on Twitter says Cnet. Twitter is going to have a hard time controlling spammers, pranksters and hackers whose number will inevitably increase with the rise of Twitter’s popularity. Moreover, Twitter lacks in Security and have no control over its own program and it uses Google API !

The following is an update from Twitter Blog on 5th July 2009:

Restoring accidentally suspended accounts

"We regret the human error that led to these mistaken suspensions and we are working to restore the affected accounts—we expect this to be completed in the next several hours.
One additional note: some the accounts suspended were using the third-party site Tweetlater. However, Tweetlater is not to blame for these suspensions nor is it in violation of our Terms."

Well, I did spot some problems of Twitter Phishing in January as some Hi Profile accounts were hacked. Among the many were New York Times and Brittany Spears and of coz, mine too:-) Again, in May end, the phishing strikes and this time, Kidsfreesouls account goes Suspended due to reasons best known to Twitter. More users are being Suspended with Mosey along stranding the users. The Twitter Customer Support is very active for a reply to help to users and diverts to 'Terms and conditions' and other things with no satisfactory answer. Repeat tickets are soon tagged as 'Closed' or 'Solved' with a curt reply 'Thanks for your feature request' and you can tweet @twitter - How? remains to be seen as you cannot send @twitter when your account opens but is 'Dead.'!!!

Many users have diverted to Friendfeed and truly welcoming, it open up doors with much more better Tweeting + added features to stay tuned. I had earlier wrote on Twitter Phishing and would recommend Twitter users to be Cautious - Follow Mashable for more inputs on this and other related tech information. Twitter seems to be desperately trying to rectify errors on their side and provide lame assistance to users - However, there is a "Hole in the Twitter" and it remains to be seen how Twitter can safeguard its own as well users security.

You may follow me on Friendfeed now or connect FACEBOOK by visiting my site Kidsfreesouls and for mjakbar.org - you may stop following Twitter as we have suspended Twitter use. Instead, follow Covert Facebook Group.

- ilaxi