Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometime back, I mentioned of Image Ads appearing in my Feedburner widget codes in my Ed note on Kidsfreesouls. Well, was that the testings...I wonder coz since Google Acquires Feedburner, Adsense users have more potential earnings as they can allow ads to their Feedburner codes. I also mentioned of Ads appearing in Headlines Animator and you can create an ad using the Google Adwords account.

Well, Feedburner goes live with Google Acquiring Feedburner services - Adsense Integrated with Feedburner site ads. Though the Acquisition terms are confidential, the deal is officially closed mentions their website here. The Press has an option to email Google on this page for info.
Now, this is an added opportunity to the already existing Feedburner users and if you're not using their Feedburner services, get the codes, publicise and monetize. Here's their latest Blog Post that says more on this.

Check on my Feedburner integration mj blog and of coz on Kidsfreesouls. The Ed Blog posts go live on all pages where the codes are placed. Enjoy.

- ilaxi