Friday, November 12, 2010

Google Instant Previews

Google recently launched Instant Previews and it sure is a way to guide you to see the web page as is, where is and how it is! You don't have to leave the Search results without a preview which gives a glimpse into spot on pages in search results that are most promising pages amongst the listed. All depending on the Key words and where the web page is positioned, it is the top 1-10 results that help viewers click to read the best.

Needless to say, M J Akbar's Blog preview in Google Search reflects the results with various key words. The new feature of Google helps people to save their time in searching process and saves for pogo sticking - usually clicking to site and coming back to search if unsatisfied. With the Google preview, the search results reflect with a small magnifying glass which appear next to each listing. Clicking on this magifying glass image, a preview of the page that is listed will appear to the right side of the search results. It makes easier to move down the arrow key through all search listings and it lets u look inside! As you select web listing, it will be highlighted with a blue background. The preview will change to show the highlited page. Within the images, relevant text to your search highlighted through 'call outs' that make it easy to read. Pages can have more than one call out and it might also have what Google calls 'tear' where a page appear as torn to show the overall context of the page but also show parts relevant to the search.
The images preview cover up Google's ads when they appear. This means, ads too get instant previews feature in the future. I think, this is a neat and a cool feature that helps save time and lets people browse in through the search results - at a glance look at web pages at Google search. Check this out and be there at M J Akbar's Blog through the Google search link. Also find your way to the newly launched The Sunday Guardian Website and of coz, my very own kids newspaper - - Stay tuned!
- ilaxi