Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Got an iphone? Cracked the code? Well, however slow Edge surf, I can still check on my sites any time of the day. But than, heard of Jailbroking iPhone? You can install an application that allows to install and enjoy 3rd party applications. Here's more on this. However, seems the latest firmware 1.1.4 isn't supported by that method. So, there's the ZiPhone to download at Unlock, jailbreak and activate - Do it all.

But, why go in for a big process like this when you have the - If you are tired of the same old tunes, just go here as the site features an iPhone-specific interface for streaming more than 90 channels of music, talk radio, and more direct to your iPhone. Register, you get an email, make your selection from the channels and within seconds the iPhone launches Quicktime and starts streaming. The interface also features an icon that informs you whether or not the station is available over the EDGE network, which most are.

Just chill and enjoy. If you like FlyTunes and have a iPhone blog or iPhone site, you can promote FlyTunes and you might win some cash too. They are giving away $$$ to the top 3 referrals.

Well, you can read more on my earlier note on iphone and sure, my next phone will be Android as you explore the demo here on Vlogs You Tube. Enjoy.

- ilaxi