Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lively 3D Chat & 100 Celebrities on Web at Tech Cult

Bill Gates is a major influence on the web but than those who are surfing the web lanes day in and day out are aware of the many celebrities online whom we come across everyday. Tech Cult has named a 100 Celebrities on the web and it's amazing to note many known faces and friends amidst the list. It brings a big smile to see the names of the many known faces, however, I find many a missing celebrity that could have extended the list. After all, web is a big crowded place and selecting 100 is too less!

Btw, Google has unveiled a new virtual 3D chat experience. “Lively by Google” lets you develop your own customized avatar and environment to interact with friends — and rumor has it some big name industry insiders have already created their avatars. This include My Space's Tom, Bill Gates, Larry and Sergey too!

I've created my Avatar and the virtual room with a sofa, rug and a table...ugh, it's tricky setting up the vase on the table though! As I still explore this Lively Beta version, if interested in virtual 3D Chat experience, all you got to download the Lively and it requires the Windows Vista/XP with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Enjoy.

- ilaxi