Thursday, October 02, 2008

Search Google 2001 & G Trends

Google Trends on October 1, 2008 had the highest word 'Google 2001' - No wonder, to mark the 10th Birthday, most of you must have visited Google's Oldest available Index to take a look back to 2001 Search of almost 1,326,920,000 web pages.

If you search 'Freesouls', you will end up find my old pages of yester years lying still in the Archive! Search in for any keyword you want to take a look back to Google in 2001. It's amazing to find Facebook with login area and My Space, Twitter have no trace at all!
Btw, want to know what's Hot Trends in Google Searches? Take a look here to peek-a-boo on today's Hot Trend search . Though, I am not much impressed with the Traffic data measuring of Google and most of the sites are not seen as websites with low volume are threshold! Especially, what so interesting is that Google's own website is not spotted in their Trends Website search!
- ilaxi