Saturday, January 12, 2008

Facebook has recently become everyone's darling! People influences people and nothing influences more than a recommendation from a trusted friend, says Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, who founded the company three years ago. Thus, Facebook has unveiled plans to target advertisements by targetting them into its members' conversations. The popular online hangout must persuade its users to embrace the initiative. The members have their own control and can say 'yes' to advertisers to pitch in friend's endorsements. If a friend has booked a vacation on Travelocity, the online travel agency will be able to display the friend's photo as part of a "social ad" to entice the user to buy flights and hotel stays. Advertisers can similarly have their pitches appear when friends review restaurants and buy books or DVDs. Read more here on this.

Well, some people may find creepy but than all is open in so open social networks as Facebook will be prying into profiles and activities to find what ads suit appeal best to users. The advertiser message has to go out in conversations as target ads will be integrated. Now, this is what we call getting 'commercial social networks.' And I always thought, why people do hang in wasting a lot of time around, giving flowers and sending applications and giving fishes and what not! Webmasters and writers hanging around social networks is promoting nevertheless a lot of time indulged in activities which demand time, money, energy!

Let's cross our fingers now as Developers - as even the gives a chance to make some cash. Did I miss out the url there? It's Devshare who pays through Paypal! Get in and find yourself to start making widgets and earn too. And there is always, Google Adsense, Microsoft Affiliates and Yahoo ads - Enjoy!

- ilaxi
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