Friday, September 29, 2006 in collaboration with Sinhgad Technical Education Society has hosted a 2 day Conference on "Technopreneurship : Empowering Budding Entrepreneurs" to be held on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September 2006 in Pune.

Many want to start their own business but do not have the proper guidance,resources and the know-how to do that and this event is just tailer-made for them. The Target audience is Aspiring Entrepreneurs,New Startup Founders,Engineering Students,MBA students and Working Professionals. Though there is a nominal entrance fee, the two day sessions are planned to provide budding technocrats with a holistic understanding of business dynamics and acceleterate their transition to technopreneurs.

If you are a student and interested to know further about the itvidya projects, ring up Ajay Sanghani on his mobile 098200 20753 or just click to itvidya and join the group of tech - IT knowledge, Networking and Opportunities.

- ilaxi

As google celebrated its 8th Birthday on 27th September, it's been my fav search engine on the web. My affair with Google Search started way back as I explored the web. I almost fell in love with Google and I found it a 'wonder of wonders'. This has ever been my first Internet Crush and since years, my day began with google and ended up google as I updated my websites.

In September 1998, Google Inc. opened its door in Menlo Park, California. The door came with a remote control, as it was attached to the garage of a friend who sublet space to the new corporation's staff of three. The office offered several big advantages and also provided a parking space for the first employee hired by the new company. He was Craig Silverstein, now Google's director of technology. was in the Beta version then and answered over 10,000 search queries each day. Their ladder to success was sure as in December 1998, PC Mag named Google as one of its Top 100 Web sites and Search Engines for 1998. By 21st September 1999, the Beta Label of Google Search Engine came off from the site and became Time magazine's Top Ten Best Cybertech list for 1999.

Google got the Webby Award and a People's Voice Award for technical achievement in May 2000 when Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin spoke few words of acceptance 'We Love you Google users. And this turned out today with people saying "We Love You Google". Quality of search results is all that matters with Google. Most comprehensive web search and here's Google come a long way with :
google search, Google mail, Google Earth, Google Moon, Google Maps, Google Tool Bar, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Store, Google Desktop, Google Video, Google Blog Search,Google Talk and more n more!!! Yeah, Google Labs & Google Print and all more....

Today, in 2006, we have the Google Video Player and its the best featuring upcoming on the web. Also a brand new Google video Store. A free pack was also announced at its Birthday and here is the same for download by people residing anywhere.

Thank You Google and yeah, again 'May the good lord god bless Google and the team.

-ilaxi patel