Friday, June 03, 2011

Go for Google Global Market Finder (SMBs)

Random posts on this blog see a long gap of a post as I sneak in today to blog with a new resolution to again switch back Tech blogging, hopefully!

The focus is on current Launch of Google India's 'Google global market Finder - a free online tool for advertisers to find new markets overseas. Available as a part of Google Ads, the new tool is designed to help Indian businesses expand their business and reach out to customers in the international markets. Google is all set to help Indian small and medium sized businesses (SME)to compete at a global stage.

Google had been offering Free Adwords Coupons lately worth Rs.1500 to 2000/- to business and though I ignored to make use of this, I did understand the value of Adwords which prove to be very effective in promotion of business. Google's SMB (Small and medium Business/Entrepreneur) customer base has more than trippled with a 100% year on year growth in the sector," said Sridhar Seshadri, Head, Google India's online sales. A typical SMB client spends anywhere between Rs 10,000-35,000 on Google adwords,it is learnt and the Company picks up good business through the various Google's call centers which help SMBs understand how adwords functions and how they can make use of it.

Further to this, the Global Market Finder helps to identify new markets based on keyword searches originating from a region. Market Finder translates keywords into any one of 56 languages used in the selected region. It then ranks each location by opportunity based on factors like local search volume, suggested bid price, and competition for each translated keyword.

Go explore but choose the right keywords. Google reserve the right to disapprove any keywords you add. You are responsible for the keywords you select. (check out Adwords rules-terms and conditions)

Also Research new markets with Market Intelligence tools and after you’ve done your homework on your new customers, localize your website, keywords, and ads with Google’s translation tools.

- ilaxi patel
Official Blogger and VA to M J Akbar