Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Google Color filter to Image Search

Google adds Color Filter to the Image Search recently. You can find the changes here on 'Google Images' - All content, drop down box. This means, now you have options to view the images in various colors - Red, orange, teal..and more. Find Image search of kidsfreesouls here.

Under advanced options, Google Image Search already has quite a number of interesting options, including filters for image content type, size, and format.

Several search engines seems to be coming up and I hear, the latest one is Webscaler, Allinone Search Engine. It is connected to more than 1800 search engines in 200 countries and eventually to built a metasearch engine that would integrate all the one million small search engines into a single system which provide instant answers. Webscaler distinguish different from metasearch engines as they focus on smaller search engines as opposed to google, msn or yahoo.

Well, the biggest challenge on web is to stay tuned to the search - and finally, here is Kosmix - you might find it interesting!

- ilaxi