Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friend Sense - Friend Connect

I was exploring the Developer's Applications and came across Connect Facebook. However, much easier made me pick up Friend Connect as Googlers call in 'Friend Sense' and truly, it is! Google's new product launched recently, is the new social product with it's goal to facilitate an open social web.

All you do is:
Sign in
Interact with others by making friends,
sharing media,
posting comments,
playing games,
more...Invite other friends

You can now Join Kidsfreesouls and Be Social! Join my mission to spread the message of Love, faith, peace and unity among Human beings.

You can watch the video on You Tube here.

Websites that use Friend Connect will have a new option : add Adsense-like advertising within the Friend Connect and Open Social widgets that they’ve added to their websites. Publishers will get a percentage of the revenue generated from the advertising. The users have the profile Information, Friends Information and Activities. You can read more on this post here too on Tech Crunch.

Unlike Facebook Connect, best part is No programming codes for Google's Friend Connect! Just a few snippets of code into the site and there it goes live. But, of course, surfers need to be Open Social and Join. Especially website users and website visitors - coz a lot goes behind joining Google's Friend Connect - Join, experience and Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Google Zeitgeist - The toppers List

Just watched the NDTV show with Mr. Vinay Goel, the Head of Products, Google answering the questions. As I gather, Google has announced its India Zeitgeist, a look at 2008 through the collective eyes of the Indian users on the web.

The 2008 year-end India Zeitgeist offers a unique perspective on the year's major events and hottest trends based on searches conducted by users in India.

Mahatama Gandhi is still the number one politician followed by Raj Thakeray , Sonia Gandhi, Indira Gandhi , Rahul Gandhi , Abdul Kalam , Manmohan Singh and Mayawati. It is a surprise, not a single BJP leader’s name figures among top ten political celebrities during 2008. Moreover, Indians have searched more for Sarah Palin and Barrack Obama rathar than any other Indian politician.

Katrina Kaif is the most searched Bollywood celebrity during 2008 followed by Aishwarya Rai , Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur, Deepika Padukone ,Shahrukh Khan ,Mallika Sherawat and Genelia D’souza.

Vinay Goel hopes to see Amir Khan among the Khans in the year 2009.

The Internet seems to be the one stop shop for all personal searches like love-beauty-money and romance. Among top 10 popular ‘how to do stuff’ queries are about :

How to lose weight reduction
How to kiss
How to earn money
How to get pregnant
How to learn English
How to gain weight
How to play guitar
How to create a website
How to impress a girl
how to tie a tie.

In sports, Sania Mirza by get first position with Sachin Tendulkar as second , Cristiano Ronaldo third, John Cena fourth, M.S.Dhoni fifth , David Beckham sixth and so on.

Most Popular searches have remained:

1. orkut
2. gmail
3. yahoo
4. google
5. youtube
6. yahoomail
7. indian railways
8. rediff
9. cricket
10. katrina kaif

Fastest rising is You Tube, orkut, Katrina Kaif, cricket, irctc, facebook, genelia d'souza, etc. Mobile optimized websites like Waptrick and mobile games are becoming very popular too.
Facebook login is fastes rising to No.3 among the social networking sites in global list.
In the social networking list categories comes:

6.nasza klasa

And on Top of mind comes 'Economy' :

financial crisis
mortgage crisis
wall street
oil stock market
credit crisis
housing crisis

You can find more in the Google Zeitgeist 2008 website for detailed list.

So much to go by all these years but who knows what Google show search results for 2009. Could it be Terrorism, war? or Peace! whatever..whatever...

- ilaxi