Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ever seen the Coca-cola ad on You Tube? An amusing Aamir Khan. Recently, Google enters into Entertainment & Recreation with You Tube takeover. Coke, Pepsi, Nike, so on - brands spend money where eyeballs are rolling. There is more money in branding than cost per click and Google adwords apt to find targets here. The best Internet Purchase of the year by google. However, I fear Google's Orkut known as Opium of the Internet masses, is getting into trouble in India with its Hate Groups & Anti social elements. The Aurangabad bench of the Bombay high court, comprising Justice AP Deshpande and Justice RM Borde, issued notice to Google last week following a public interest litigation initiated by 22-year-old advocate Yugant R Marlapalle-Also an Orkut Member, he objects of a community burning Indian flag. 

Remains to be seen how communities are controlled like this one - not only on Orkut but www itself! Well, I heard, Orkut is being re-designed again! 

- ilaxi