Sunday, November 27, 2005

Yahoo Mindset, the Intent-driven Search and it allows you to Find the results you like or sort the way you need!

A Yahoo! Research demo that applies a new twist on search that uses machine learning technology to give you a choice: View Yahoo! Search results sorted according to whether they are more commercial or more informational (i.e., from academic, non-commercial, or research-oriented sources).

Yeah, now put the keywords in Yahoo Mindset 'Net newspaper for kids' and there I (Kidsfreesouls site of mine) stand with results # 1, #2 and # 5 of about 467812 for net newspaper for kids:-) This is fine. But the best part is that the demo provides a slider widget for users to explicitly specify their intent. Leaving the slider in the middle means they want to use the original Yahoo! search result order. Moving the slider to the extreme right means they want the top results to be those which the classifier is most confident are "non-commercial". Putting the slider in between those two positions means a blend -- somewhat faithful to the original ordering but also tending to bring the more obvious non-commercial pages to the top. Similarly, sliding into the left half indicates blending of commercialness confidence vs original ordering.

Complicating? Machine learning...well, thats the way of the web! Read here to explore what exactly Intent driven Search - Mindset is related to with great mind set to Yahoo!

I am still wondering with this Beta - should I tilt the widget towards the right? Or just leave in center as it is? Yahoooo.........please help!

- ilaxi

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