Friday, November 18, 2005

Google recently announced an exciting change to the Google Print product.The Google Print has been renamed as Google Book Search.

I feel this is user-friendly name and Book search is more a discovery of world books available on the web. More books would be promoted through this program and surfers can judge from the book cover and even get an opportunity to read the contents page, copyright details and a chapter of the book.

I already have the MJ Akbar Books account with google and a click from the website to Google Book search will land you up reading a chapter of the book 'Shade of Swords'. The Author account with google means parterning for the google revenue and of coz, the author's books need to be either transported by courier to google or the book pdfs of details to be uploaded on their server.

Way to go Google......More Publisher may tie up with google and more authors will reflect on searches with Google also planning to add Book Search on its main search.

Ego surfing by authors are sure to bring them great results!


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