Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Google chrome: 'I'm Loving It'

Google launched Google Chrome on 2nd September, the new tabbed browser that competes with Firefox and Internet Explorer. In an Hour, Google Chrome got 2 million brand impressions via Twitter and the very next day, I downloaded GC.

The Chrome initially did have some vulnerabilities and fixes some security problems. Still in the Beta version, many of the users did not know of the update and so, to check if an update is available, Chrome users can click the wrench icon in Chrome's upper-right corner, then select "about Google Chrome." That will show both the version number and a message indicating whether an update is available. However, without a manual check, Chrome update itself automatically at approx. every five hours. At the next browser restart, the update is available.

Well, for the starters - Let me introduce Google Chrome with my own experience of browsing on the platform. According to me, Chrome is the standardized operating system for Web apps. Chrome helps turn any web App into something where we can reach from Start Menu, desktop. And like iPhone, the expected launch of Android on September 21 will have Chrome as it's mobile phone software. Chrome and Android's current browser both already employ WebKit, an open-source project for the process of interpreting the HTML code that makes up a Web page and rendering it on a screen.

With Chrome, everything is google and the best part is that you are wedded to Google forever but compromising on some things that we like to see in Chrome. To mention some, here's on Cnet for a quick glance.

Chrome is, nonetheless, full of really smart features that seem to be inspired by other browsers and is on way to build a serious potential. At the moment, I found there is no way to email a web page, no full screen mode, no way to magnify the page and no better bookmark organizing screen. It seems, these are the the top to do list by Google. Another thing is, if we ever search Amazon, kidsfreesouls, mjakbar, nytimes or any popular site, another cool shortcut awaits. Just type the sites first letter in the address bar and then press Tab. Do that with K, for eg. and the address bar changes to Search kidsfreesouls.com, allowing you to search within my site without even going there first. You have saved one big step. As your start up page, this is a wonderful feature that I like. Chrome displays pictures of nine mini web pages, representing my most frequently visited sites. So, next time you log, you have the Google Chrome Desktop online! I call it Desktop because it helps me follow my sites first as a check of a daily routine and rest follows later. The create application's short cut commant generates an icon on the desktop and when you click it, the corresponding sites open without the usual address bar.

I use the IE, did like the Safari and now switching over to Google Chrome. IE has significant challenges in getting users to upgrade to new version of IE and Google also will face a challenge to find ways to distribute the new browser. In the end, I am sure 'Google is the King' and if not rule the web with Chrome, it will definitely stand tall with this competition to other browsers and be an apple of the eye to many users who love 'Just Google' - I am one in the line, for sure. For a smart search start, do this: put K-i-d-s-f-r-e-e-s-o-u-l-s or even ilaxi and you don't have to go on more, it's everywhere on Google!

- ilaxi patel

You can download Google Chrome here : http://www.google.com/chrome
Here's a comic book explaining Chrome:http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/

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