Thursday, June 28, 2007

Copyright Royalty Board decided to raise royalties for Internet broadcasters and also double the rate in next five years. Hence, National Public Radio (NPR) took the initiative and appealed the CRB’s decision, but was denied the request by a panel of judges. Kurt Hanson, who publishes the Radio and Internet Newsletter, had organized a Day of Silence to showcase what could end up happening with the ridiculous rate hike.

In protest of royalty fee increases, participating Internet radio went silent yesterday . Listeners were asked to contact representatives in support of the Internet Radio Equality Act, and they did. Servers were overloaded and Congressional switchboards were constantly busy. Here is the Webpronews Video. For further read, visit the website.

Broadcasters, Yahoo!, Pandora, Rhapsody, MTV Online, Live365 stations, etc. are not happy with the unfair target. Last FM did not mean to punish listeners but in no way can escape the fee hike.

Well, I have no idea whether Desi live radio was silent or not but here, you can listen to all your desi songs. As for me, I am happy with the Yahoo Launchcast - My exclusive playing songs online. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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