Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am an Author - Google Authorship & Google Author Rank

Some months ago, I explored my Webmaster Tools at Google. Amazingly, I came across Google Authorship and Author Rank. Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content. Check out these sample queries for my Search Results and there, you find this with your queries :


How does this Happen - I wondered and got me into the Search with my pic and Google + profile appearing with my pic. Google do not guarantee to show the Author Information in Google web Search or Google News results - However, if you are an Author with a Book - Content on a website, there you go with options :

Option 1: Link your content to your Google+ profile using a verified email address.

Option 2: Set up authorship by linking your content to your Google+ profile

What I basically did was adding a piece of code linking my content to my Google profile is a two-step process. First, you add a link from your website or page to your Google profile. Second, you update your Google profile by adding a link back to your site. As an Author of Guardian of Angels, I placed the code to my 'Real Author' Page on my site Kidsfreesouls.com . Though, the easiest and most reliable way to enable authorship information in Google search results is to provide a verified email address on the same domain as your content. If you don't have an email address on the same domain, however, you can associate your content with your Google+ profile by Google Authorship steps with the codes.

But first, remember, you need to have a Google + Profile and follow + add more people you know and of interest. Just build an awesome network on Google + . Let it Happen - Just Add people you like, make posts, be social, interact, plus or share posts - Let the G+ social media be your platform for passion, professional, philosophical, political, knowledge sharing or anything that's good and interesting. Make circles and add people. Search by "hashtags", "shared circles" "profiles" "pages" and add them into relevant circles. There are so many ways you can make Google+ your own and build your personalized network. Make posts and tag specific circles. Share the circles and keep rolling on G+ . Btw, here is an interesting Google + Tips that might be useful if you are using G+.

However, time restraints is much and so, be careful to set your timings or else you would end up spending 4 hours or more G+ ing  and even Hanging Out - Google + isn't Facebook and means Business, means Collaboration and Interaction. So, there you go - Use your EQ and IQ - the third SQ to be sane and safe and the fourth - RQ to maintain the Relationship Quotient with your Readers esp. for Authors. (unlike the LinkedIn Author Group which require flagging off messages! )

Also know the Social media tips and tricks Google + Tips, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn use with purpose and follow Author Rank - be regular, be consistent, be genuine and be original.

 For those who wish to go in detail, go ahead and click for Google Authorship. Also, here's an  official PPT used by Mr. Mitesh Sanghvi (Twitter handle: @MrMiteshSanghvi) of IMC Group during his session on "Google Authorship and Google AuthorRank" at WordCamp Mumbai 2012 #WCmum on Twitter.

- Meet me as an Author at Google + 
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- Meet me as an Author at Amazon | Google Books | all web Book stores on Internet 

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