Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Twitter, my new beginning!

Twitter getting Bigger and Better! New Twitter and my New Beginning!

When I first started my Tweets, I was totally confused and wondered, "Why do I have to tell the world what I am doing?" Than came the Facebook with the Status Updates and even My Space. I felt better reading tweets and status of people and realized a wonderful world of staying connected and sharing. In turn, marketing and promoting own work and websites.

A time phase with the Twitter Phishing attacks and my exploring mind found the loopholes in the system on which, I blogged to get answers to my suspicion. However, the result was a Suspended Account and I lost interest in Twitter world with time restraints and unwillingness to opt for new account. I did not want to go for a new account like @ThisIsFisher did and even wrote a song as Twitter' Bots decided to suspent his account for doing nothing wrong. (Listen to the song)

Finally, after a long one year wait, my Twitter account is re-activated and back to normal. Thanks to a good friend @ Netra who encouraged me to be back on Twitter! Only the thing is that a shift in use, make me forget to tweet live and the fear of the phishing would not let me update through my iphone. Random tweets can now be found but I am sure, you will like to stay tuned to my world if you find my tweets interesting.

Well, back to Twitter - I find that Twitter is now getting More Bigger and More Better - all for Good. Life does not fit in 140 character. Each tweet is a handful of information or a promotion - even embedded media with the photos, videos directly to Twitter.

The new Design is clean and neat. A scroll with no click to more to view further tweets. @ mentions, retweets, searches and lists are just above the timeline giving a single streamlined view on the left of the screen. On right, all good features that draw our attention whom we followed and who follows us, plus the favorites and the trending topics.

Depending on the tweets, we discover related contents. The details pane show additional information as to the subject and who is the author. @ replies, other tweets of the same user is visible and from where the tweet was sent.

Partnership with You Tube, Flickr, TwitPIc, Vimeo, UStream, etc. makes it so convenient to share the videos and photos directly to Twitter. Twitter has also recently released ipad apps.

What's more and experience live while you Tweet. Watch an interesting video on the new design below:

Video by: @briggletweets, @jennadawn, @trammell & @jbuckhouse

Twitter CEO Evan Williams announced that is already most popular microblogging service, a 78% of unique users. More impressions to advertisers and Twitter is the Choice of many as it keeps people more engaged and hooked.

Well, I am back and live - Tweeting and you can :

Join me @ kidsfreesouls and @ The Sunday Guardian

- ilaxi

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