Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friend Sense - Friend Connect

I was exploring the Developer's Applications and came across Connect Facebook. However, much easier made me pick up Friend Connect as Googlers call in 'Friend Sense' and truly, it is! Google's new product launched recently, is the new social product with it's goal to facilitate an open social web.

All you do is:
Sign in
Interact with others by making friends,
sharing media,
posting comments,
playing games,
more...Invite other friends

You can now Join Kidsfreesouls and Be Social! Join my mission to spread the message of Love, faith, peace and unity among Human beings.

You can watch the video on You Tube here.

Websites that use Friend Connect will have a new option : add Adsense-like advertising within the Friend Connect and Open Social widgets that they’ve added to their websites. Publishers will get a percentage of the revenue generated from the advertising. The users have the profile Information, Friends Information and Activities. You can read more on this post here too on Tech Crunch.

Unlike Facebook Connect, best part is No programming codes for Google's Friend Connect! Just a few snippets of code into the site and there it goes live. But, of course, surfers need to be Open Social and Join. Especially website users and website visitors - coz a lot goes behind joining Google's Friend Connect - Join, experience and Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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