Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Burnt your Feeds with Feedburner? Lately, you must have noticed the Headline Animator is not reflecting the posts headlines. Through it's many transformations, the Feedburner Headline Animator is now turning to a unique Marketing Tool. You can now Pubvertise your Live Content to a Wider Audience. With the Feedburner feed advertising network, content publishers will now have the ability to create their very own dynamic, feed-powered ad units and place them in the feed ad network (all by themselves). "No sales folks, no ad trafficking to ensure the creative is current. No speed bumps", mentions their Blog. You get a wider audience knowing you and your contents which Feedburner places the dynamic content in front of the audience who's subscribed to the most popular feeds.

The feeds has wide coverage in newspapers too - like newsweek, usa today, wired and many more sites. Login to your Feedburner account, navigate to Publicize tab and click for the Headlines Animator. You can create an Ad - all depending on the $$ you can afford to spend and all depending on how much you want to be Popular. Enjoy!

- ilaxi


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