Friday, January 06, 2006

Google, the Internet search giant could drive profound changes in the media, entertainment and technology landscape in 2006. It's gonna be a Google fueled paranoia with Google cornering the market on low cost PCS! The Google-branded computers would be manufactured in China and sold below $199 in Walmart stores throughout North America. Loaded with Free Gmail accounts and one gig of online storage space, a googlized version of Linux, the mini-computers would run what was essentially a Google made operating system, employing Google's vast array of free, membership based services, server-side software features along with the host of other real and anticipated Google features.

The do gooders google will unveil video purchase options and a new downloadable software pack from the company at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. A number of announcements are expected to emerge as Yahoo's Terry Semel and Microsoft's Bill Gates will be there too! Let's wait for more to come our way this year 2006 - Btw, Was there any Nostradamus Predictions on the Cyber wars??? I hear that there gonna be a great Cyber War in time to come!

- ilaxi

At least, Let there be No War on Web!!!

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