Monday, October 10, 2005

Blog and RSS Landscape has been really shaping up the market recently. As I got exploring the tech world, its new announcements every day! AOL is buying weblogs for approximately $25 million with the first deal paid of $2.5 million as revealed by verisign! The company's network includes approximately 80 advertising supported sites published by a group of more than 100 bloggers. Its blog properties include Autoblog, Blogging Baby and Engadget, which is Weblog's busiest site, according to traffic measurement provided by Technorati.

Now, recently I visited AOL and the most interesting was the 25 People We Envy Most which features Gwen, J K Rowling, Sergei Brin and Larry Page of Google,etc. Indeed, Fortune pays tribute to the people that makes us Jealous - Really? Nope, I think fortune pays tribute to the people who are Lucky becoz they are the Chosen One!

- ilaxi

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